A Brief About Me

Hi, I'm Meghshyam

I completed my undergraduate study and awarded by Bachelor of Engineering Degree in computer science. I’m blogger, developer, and analyser, yes I do all of this. I mostly do Full Stack web development, android development and web analytics. Though, I also like working on Search engine optimisation, App Store optimisation. At the moment I am fascinate about data science and on the way to learn it.

In my spare time, I generally write & read answers on Quora & Stackoverflow . And experimenting with digital world.

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Name Meghshyam Sonar
Date of birth June 07, 1993
Address Kingsville, Texas, USA
Phone +1(571)3379231
Actively open for internship

What i’m doing

Web design


01 Jan
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The computer only gives back ourselves. It is a faithful mirror that reflects the human traits that are brought to it.

William Barrett

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